Alice in Wonderland Triptych Barrette by Oseweya of Japan

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This wonderful barrette is from the "Alice" collection of Alice in Wonderland designs by Osewaya of Japan.  It consists of a triptych of images from the book, Alice in Wonderland, with vintage paintings of three scenes under glass cover.  

The square scene on the left is an individual portrait of Alice. The central rectangular panel features a dramatic scene with the King and Queen of Hearts and is overlaid with tiny pearl and gold beads that dance under the glass when you lift the piece in your hand or wear it. The oval panel on the right is the White Rabbit.  Each scene is framed in a vintage bronze-color border. 

The full length is 78 mm or just over 3 inches long. (Please note: When I first saw the photos, the piece looked about 5 inches long to my eye, absolutely huge! But, in actuality, this is not a huge barrette -- it is only 3 inches in length and about one inch in width, if you want to look on a ruler to see the length.) 

This barrette is so popular that it keeps running out of stock at Osewaya! There is a standard French barrette clasp on the back.  A magical, magical piece at Hair Asia that blends hair accessories and art.  Wearing it, you may be asked, "How long is forever?" as Alice asks the White Rabbit, who responds:  "Sometimes, just one second." Price is per one (1) barrette.