Aloha Alligator Clip (3.5" diameter)

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This is an alligator clip that features a Hawaiian flower with a 3.5" diameter (medium-large) and five petals.  It comes in the following colors: 

  1. Purple
  2. Orange
  3. Light pink (more like a light fuchsia, not a pastel pink)
  4. Dark pink (more like fuchsia)
  5. Ivory (this is the only color that is not pictured in the photo -- the petals are white and the center is yellow like the others)
  6. Blue
  7. Yellow 
This piece is simply a flower made of a rubber fabric affixed firmly with adhesive to a metal alligator clip. If you turn the flower over, you may be able to see a bit of the adhesive where it attaches to the metal clip, but this will now show to the world when you wear it.  Basically, it is a simple construction for a hair piece -- a flower attached to a metal clip. 

This piece is for those of us who just want to sometimes wear a Hawaiian flower in our hair and need something inexpensive to easily clip into our hair with little fuss or hassle.  Just clip and go and look beautiful.  

Why we like this item: 
It's so easy to add a little fun and flourish by clipping a flower in your hair. We love the Hawaiian style.