Beaded triangular mosaic shell pendant necklace - sweater length - long - 18"

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Unique long, beaded sweater necklace featuring a 2.5"-tall triangular pendant with mosaic shell interior and rhinestones in assorted colors along the perimeter. (The triangle is an equilateral triangle and measures 2.5" on all three sides.) 

The center of the pendant is black background with glass dome. Inside is an interesting and artistic mosaic shell design with an arrangement of different shell bits, colors, and natural designs. (May differ slightly from photo as each interior setting is unique; but it will look very similar.) Along the outer perimeter are tiny rhinestones in assorted variety of rainbow colors. The pendant measures 2.5" on all three sides of the triangle and the width is and is 1.5" long (from side to side), and the width is 0.25". The back of the triangle pendant is smooth black metal with a smooth gold metal perimeter. 

Beaded portion
The beaded part of the necklace features small black beads, interspersed with 2 clear rhinestone beads, 2 white beads, and small gold beads. 

This is a long sweater necklace and there is no clasp -- just slip it over your head. At 18" long, it fits all sizes.

Overall Effect
The pendant is elegant, artistic, and designed in a unique shape. The colorful rhinestones highlight the interior mosaic shell design. Overall, it is a beautiful and interesting piece. 

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