Sumerian Pendant - silver-plated chakra necklace with semi-precious stones

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The human body has seven chakra energy centers:

  • Ocean energy center (offering)
  • Umbilical emotional center (orange)
  • The sun wheel, the "will" center (yellow)
  • Heart chakra. The deepest heart (green, pink, black)
  • Throat chakra. Creativity center (green)
  • The eyebrows wheel, wisdom energy center (blue, indigo)
  • The crown chakra, spiritual center (purple)

This pendant necklace features a chakra of 7 semi-precious stones, crowned at the top by the purple stone (the spiritual center). The height of the pendant is 2 & 1/8" tall and the wingspan is 2 & 1/4" wide.  

The black rubber rope is 18" and has a standard lobster clasp with about 2" of chain at the end for adjusting. When worn, the pendant may hang below the neck or in the upper chest area, depending on the size of the person wearing it.  (It is not a long sweater necklace.)  The rope has some elasticity in it.  

The metal is electro-plated silver over alloy and the piece is good quality.  

Why we like this necklace:  The design is beautiful, the chakra is meaningful.  It is beautiful even if you do not follow the chakra energy system.  The stones are lovely and we like the winged design of the piece. We also like the black rope of the necklace.