Black Floral Headband

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This is a beautiful fabric headband. With its floral design, it evokes being on vacation in a tropical getaway where flowers bloom abundantly -- the Bahama islands, perhaps? The floral design is a leisurely breath of fresh air, with vibrant colors that seem to inspire a positive mood. A bow tied on the top gives it an additional flourish of someone who is happy and confident in their style.  The size is that of a medium-sized headband -- not too big or too small -- measuring at 1.4" wide.  (Note: in the photos of the models who are smaller-frame individuals, it looks absolutely huge on them, but it is a medium-sized headband and is not overstated when worn for most people. The bow looks huge in the photos, but is not huge in actuality, about 5.5" from end to end.) Each headband from this line is unique! The black floral pattern is basically the same elements as in the photos, but each particular cut of the cloth is slightly different and may show different positioning of the flowers or colors, for example, than in the specific photos shown.  These are not cookie-cutter headbands -- and that makes each one special, in our perspective. The look and feel of the piece is the same; it's just that yours will be unique.  No two are exactly alike!   Price is per one (1) headband.