Bohemian beaded necklace with elephant pendant - Long - 18" - no clasp

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Colorful, long, beaded sweater necklace featuring a 2"-wide elephant pendant. This is a longer necklace at 18". The elephant is 1.5" tall and 2" wide. It is adorned with a deep red glass body that contains gold-foil flecks throughout the red to give it interesting effect. The elephant base is made of gold-tone metal and the ear is covered in rhinestones. The back of the elephant is a circular hollowed out pattern that looks like latticework. The elephant is not flat, but has a width of 0.75". 

The beads decorate the necklace portion above the elephant. There are 0.5" beads in various colors, including purple, plum, green, yellow, turquoise, and grey. Please note that the stone colors may be arranged in different order than the photo examples shown. They are interspersed with crystal plastic beads and small gold beads. The rest of the necklace is comprised of small black beads. There is no clasp; the necklace will fit over your head and is long enough for everyone. 

Overall Effect
The overall appearance of the necklace is very colorful and joyful with the assorted bead colors. The black beaded portion gives it an extra sophistication. The elephant itself is glittery and elegant. This would be a great gift for someone, and is an elegant fashion statement.