Butterfly Bow Barrette

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This barrette made by Chaplet of Paris is a beautiful and extremely sturdy piece of sculpture/hair jewelry.  The material is cellulose acetate with tiny glimmering round tile beads and a standard French metal barrette clasp. The size of the base is approximately 3.5 inches in length and one inch wide.  The barrette shape is curved in an arc, so if it were stretched flat, it would be between 4 - 5" in length.  The bow portion atop the base is approximately 2.5 inches long.  

How to wear: This barrette is ideal for wearing on the top or side of the head, and is strong and large enough to draw the hair back in a ponytail.  The quality of this piece, like all Chaplet pieces from Paris, is outstanding.  

About the design: The design itself is a curved plastic/acetate base on a standard French barrette clasp (France clip).  Upon the base are two levels of bows that are neatly folded in two layers, made entirely of cellulose acetate. This folded bow portion is adorned with a printed image of butterflies embedded into the acetate. In the center top of the barrette is a smaller arch that completes the bow with a series of flat, shimmery beads that match the color of the base.  

Colors:  The barrette is available in two colors:  Royal blue and Coffee.  It is hard to say which color is more beautiful. Both are elegant.   

Overall, this is one of the most beautiful barrettes we have found so far at Hair Asia.  It is hard to call it a "barrette" -- it is more "hair sculpture."   Price is per 1 item.   We offer free shipping and excellent customer service.