Cat Ear Headband - Iridescent pastel colors

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This is a cute cat ear headband with iridescent colors in ice blue, ice pink, salmon, and salmon with green/gold tint. Shiny material on front of ears with cotton blend fabric on back of ears. The band is metal covered by black ribbon fabric. The ears about approx 2" tall and 2" wide. The pattern on the surface is shiny, with a mirror-like quality, and looks like a zebra stripe pattern. Note: The ice pink version looks ice purple in the photo, but in the sunlight it looks more pink than purple, so that's why it is called "ice pink." The salmon with the gold/green tones is a color very hard to describe, because it looks dynamic and seems to change from golden to green to light salmon in the light, depending on the angle. 

All are shiny, iridescent, and attention getting. The headband will be perfect for smaller or teen heads and was also tried out on our adult models, who could wear them just fine.