Charming transparent hair clips with tiny shells, hearts, and snowflake charms

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Here is a new and innovative design for a hair clip! This clip is a transparent rectangle that measures approximately 3.25" long and 1.25" tall. The transparent exterior is made of sturdy plastic material. Inside the transparent rectangle are a charming assortment of tiny plastic shells, snowflakes, and hearts in a pastel color of your choice. 

Please note that the back of the piece, the actual metal snap clip portion, measures approximately 2" long, so this clip is designed to be more decorative than functional. It will hold back a sweep of bangs, but it is not designed to secure large amounts of hair. That's not what it's for. It is best used clipped on a small amount of hair, such as on the side of the head, or to sweep back a few bangs. The great value of this barrette is in its novel and shimmery design. You can wear it clipped in your hair and it will be noticeable as an adornment, like a piece of hair jewelry. Take a look at the photos and how the models are wearing it.

When you clip it in your hair, the entire piece is somewhat flexible and will curve underneath to handle the clipping motion. Each clip is filled almost to the brim with the plastic charms, so the piece feels very packed and full of charms. In fact, the clip that you will receive is even more packed with charms than what it looks like in the product photos shown here! The thickness is about 0.25". As you wear it, some charms may shift around inside the clip, depending on how you hold your head! So, the inside is always dynamic and slightly changing in terms of the placement of the charms, as they shift and tumble over each other. 

There are 5 colors offered. The light pink and the dark pink are very close in terms of the tone, but you can tell that one is slightly darker pink than the other. One looks more "ice pink" and the other a bit more "rosy pink," although the colors are quite close. 

We think this is a great and innovative hair clip -- one of our favorites. It will not hold a lot of hair, but that's not the purpose! The purpose is to clip on and decorate the hair as an attention-getter. It is a GREAT gift and a conversation starter. You just don't see these types of clips often in the mainstream consumer channels.