Cherry headband 2" with long tail

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This is a very stylish cherry-patterned headband that comes in two colors:  black and white. The size of the headband at its widest is 2". The interior diameter is approximately 4" but the headband can expand to larger. Each headband has two long fabric tails that measure 2" in width and nearly 2 feet in length. The tails can be worn loose or can be drawn up behind the head and tied in a bow. It depends on your unique style, in terms of how you want to wear the tails. 

The fabric is a silky blend and the backing of the black headband is smooth black fabric, and the backing of the white is smooth white fabric. The size is one-size-fits-all. Several models tried on the headband -- from teenager to adult to age 5 -- and they all were able to wear it comfortably, because the headband is not too rigid and will accommodate the head size.