Chick headband with bunny ears

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What's cuter than a bunny-ear headband?  How about a pom-pom headband with fluffy yellow baby-chicks wearing bunny ears? 

Each baby chick is made out of a compressed cotton material like a very firm, packed giant yellow cotton ball, about 3 inches in diameter. The facial features and accessories on the chick are made of a felt fabric.  

The headband will fit all head sizes, but for adults would say it is more of medium size in proportion to the adult standard head size. The acrylic headband base is covered neatly with black ribbon and small teeth hold the headband in place in the hair. 

Please note: the yellow chicks are glued/affixed to the band, but if repeatedly pulled or tugged, the yellow cotton material may start to loosen its connection from the band. We recommend wearing the headband freely and enjoying it -- because it is super cute and fun and unique -- but do not pull hard or tug repeatedly on the baby chicks.  

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