Cobra earrings - Egypt, Sun, Snake, Pharoah theme - posts - 3.54" long

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These beautiful statement earrings feature an Egyptian sun and snake theme, with a blue resin center of the sun to symbolize the earth. The sun has 11 triangular rays with the blue resin ball at the center. Below the sun is an interesting Egyptian headdress/fan design, and directly below that is a textured snake that is squiggled as if it is moving upward. These earrings are posts and are quite long at 3.54" in length, so will make a statement. The width is about 1" and the weight is 21 grams. They do not feel heavy at all on the ear when worn; they feel lightweight and do not strain the earlobe. The back of the earring is flat. The material is electroplated gold.  

Why we like this piece: The earrings are not heavy and the design is stunning, with nice attention to detail. The symbolic combination of the sun and the snake is powerful, and the other decorative elements bring it all together. The blue ball at the center of the sun is eye-catching. The entire piece feels very Ancient Egyptian. Would Cleopatra or Nefertiti wear them when they were queen? Absolutely!