Cross, Skull & Roses Necklace - 29" chain (long)

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This is a pretty metal necklace that features an overall cross-shape with some dramatic interior charm elements such as 3 roses and a silver-tone skull. The elements on the necklace include:

A silver-plated skull charm near the center of the piece

Three roses -- 2 brown and one yellow/gold arranged near the center of the piece

Dark pink rhinestones decorated throughout the cross and within the single yellow/gold rose

The necklace chain is very long -- this is a sweater necklace that will hang low -- the length is 29".  The cross with the skull size is 2.75" X 2.16".  The metal type is alloy. 

The brown roses do not have a rhinestone within.  The yellow/gold flower has a dark pink rhinestone in its center and both of the skull eyes are clear rhinestones. 

Please note:  In the photos, the metal of the cross looks silver to our eye; however, the metal of the actual piece looks more gold-toned than silver (except for the little skull, which is silver).  Actually, the tone is fairly neutral, somewhere on the scale in the middle between silver and gold tone, but leaning more toward the gold tone. 

Why we like this piece:  It is pretty and fashion-forward/trendy, with the unique combination of the elements of the cross, the skull and the roses all working together in an interesting and artistic way.  It is glittery due to the rhinestones throughout. To us, this piece reminds us of the play "Hamlet," with its elaborate and Elizabethan cross design and the skull symbol used so famously in the play. We call it the "Hamlet Cross," but you can create your own title!