Cute Aloha ponytail holder - quality cellulose acetate - 1.5" tall/1.5" wide

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Aloha. Here is a wonderful pony tail holder made of good-quality, sky-blue cellular acetate, which is a strong and environmentally friendly material. Glossy surface. The cellulose acetate blue contains white cloud-like portions so the piece looks like a beautiful sky with clouds. The word "Aloha" is written in the center in gold (engraved) and features a peace sign in place of the letter "o." Beneath the word Aloha is a golden arrow pointing to the right. The surface is adorned with different sized, diamond-like, sparkling rhinestones. There is a black elastic band. 

The size of the holder is 1.5" tall and 1.5" wide. The cellulose acetate has a bit of thickness -- it is strong, not flimsy -- but not too thick, just a couple of millimeters thick. The back of the pony tail holder is the same cellulose acetate material. It is all one piece. 

Very cute and different piece to wear. Comes individually packaged in clear poly opp bag. Brand new direct from factory. Great gift or stocking-stuffing item. (You may want to buy 2 or more, because this piece is very cute!)  As you may know, cellular acetate is a good quality material that is environmentally friendly.