Cute Korean rabbit floral headbands - twistable!

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This is a cute Korean rabbit-ears headband that comes in six floral fabric patterns. The headband is fabric over a bendable/flexible wire. It comes in one long piece that measures 2.5' (feet!). So, it is a very long piece of bendable wire that is covered with the fabric and the width is about 1.5". Expect to receive it folded and you simply unfold it and begin to manipulate the shape however you want, because there is wire inside. The size is best for small to medium size heads, not large heads.  

How to wear

Because this headband is bendable, there are so many ways to wear it in your hair, on your backpack as a decoration, on your purse, as part of your ponytail -- anything and everything. You simply wrap it around what you want to wear it on, then just twist. You don't need to tie it in a bow. It will stay put. The traditional way to wear it is to wrap it from the back/bottom of your head up to the top, then twist the ends to form "rabbit ears." If you choose to wear it this way, you can make the ears bend, flop in any direction, or stick straight up (all depending on how you feel). 

These are very cute and versatile. The models who were trying it on here wore it as the rabbit ear headband, then they started wearing them on their purse strap, by twisting it around the handle. They also made a braid and wove the material into the braid. They wore a ponytail and wrapped the fabric around it all the way down the ponytail, and just twisted the ends. 

This can be worn by all ages and used for multiple decorative purposes, not just hair style. You can be pretty creative with this, and the fabric is very pretty. One of the models also wore it as a choker necklace.