Egyptian Ankh Necklace - 1" tall (small)

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"The Key of the Nile" or "Key of Life" 

This Egyptian Ankh necklace features a petite ankh pendant that is just a bit less than 1" tall and 0.5" wide.  The ankh is an electroplated-silver pendant that is solidly made and has a slight weight when worn due to its solidity, but is not heavy at all. The front is the same as the back. The chain is 18" long with about an extra inch of additional chain to adjust as needed.  

This is a petite ankh - it is not a huge statement necklace. It is noticeable when worn, but is not overstated or over sized.  It is something you could wear to work as a fashion necklace and not offend anyone or be too showy.  It is not a sweater necklace, so it doesn't hang down long onto the chest.  Depending on your size, it will either stay fairly close to your neck or fall just below the neck. 

This necklace is uni-gender -- for men or women. 
Why we like this piece:  We like the petite size, because you can't always wear a huge statement necklace at every occasion.  Sometimes, you just need a necklace that you can wear in everyday situations with a meaningful symbol that communicates life. 

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