Egyptian Ankh Pendant Necklace - with red, green and blue accent colors

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This Egyptian Ankh pendant necklace features the ankh, the Ancient Egyptian symbol of life or "key of life." The pendant is electroplated metal with gold finish and measures 1.5" tall and 1" wide. The chain is made of braided black faux leather.  

The length of the necklace is approximately 16" total. It is not a long, sweater, statement necklace that hangs low below the chest.  Depending on your neck size, it will hang probably close to your neck or just below. There is about 2" of additional chain to adjust for a looser fit. 

The surface of the pendant features a pretty, Ancient Egyptian design with green, lapis blue, and red accents.  The design aligns closely with the types of Egyptian designs you may see in museums. 

In the center of the ankh pendant is a small, deep red rhinestone that could potentially symbolize the human heart or eternal life/immortality.