Elegant sparkly faux pearl & rhinestone barrette - 4" long - snap clip

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This pearl-style barrette is surprisingly sparkly because it mixes faux pearls with tiny diamond-like rhinestones in the overall design.

There are:
  • 4 rows of 17 faux pearls
  • 3 rows of 16 tiny rhinestones between each row of pearls
  • Tiny rhinestones framing the outside of the barrette, all along the perimeter
The rhinestones that are positioned between the rows of pearls create a lot of sparkle on this barrette. 

The size is 4" long and 1" wide. The back of the barrette is a snap clip in bright gold tone. You pull open the clip and the barrette arches/bends backward, then you insert into the hair where you want (such as pulling back bangs in the front or wearing it any other way you prefer) and then snap/close the clip and the barrette will arch back to its normal shape. The hold in the hair is firm. The snap clip portion on the back is about 3" long. 

How much hair will it hold? 
This will be a great bang clip (to hold back sweeping strands of hair or bangs around the face). You also can wear it to accent styles. With the 3" snap clip, it will not hold a huge amount of hair, but that is not its purpose. It is a decorative and beautiful accent piece that will hold firmly in the hair. 

Overall, a pretty piece with both pearls and diamond sparkle!

Each clip comes individually wrapped and is brand new. We offer free shipping.