Elephant Lapel Pin - with rhinestones and enamel

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This large and visually splendid elephant lapel pin features a decorated elephant with a rider carriage/pagoda on top in the style of India or Thailand. The pin is large for a brooch and measures 3.25" x 3.25" (length and height). It is alloy metal with surface treatment of black enamel. A glittering variety of multi-colored, tiny rhinestones decorate all parts of the piece in an elaborate design, with colors juxtaposed artistically next to each other. The rhinestone colors are pink, dark purple, green, silver, gold, and blue. There are faux pearl accents on the elephant's trunk and body as well. Every part of the elephant is decorated, from the tips of the tusks to the carriage atop to the feet, legs, body, and head. 

Wearing the piece - a visual and artistic statement
There is a standard pin clasp on the back that locks the pin into place. As a large pin, it has a bit of weight to it than a smaller brooch would, but will wear securely on a blazer lapel, coat, jacket, sweater or other clothing (however, probably not a very thin silky or transparent top). 

The large size, high decorative quality, and visual shimmering effect will ensure that this pin is a primary accessory when worn. It will be clearly viewed and noticed, so is a statement piece. 

In market testing with everyday wearers, the pin stays securely on, even when the wearer is in motion or occasionally even jumping. The metal of the long, thin pin construction on back is a bit bendable, but it will hold securely once locked into the clasp. The clasp itself is fairly tight and will not easily swing open on its own without manually unclasping it. 

The piece is perfect for everyday occasions, such as school, work, or out-and-about. It also is fancy and glittering enough to be saved for special occasions or parties, when you need the perfect accent or visual statement. 

This is a unique, imported piece. We are pleased to offer it to you -- and shipping is always free.