Frog-eye Headband

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This is a cute frog-eye novelty headband.  It is made of green fur material over a plastic base that is fairly flexible. The two frog eyes are made of a smooth, padded cotton fabric.  The black and white interiors of each eye are made of felt.  The size is considered a small -- sized for children or young adults with smaller heads.  Can be worn by boys or girls.  

The size of the frog eyes are large at 3.5" diameter.  The width of the band itself is just over 0.5" wide. The interior space of the headband at its largest width is 4.5" inches. 

Why we like this piece:  You don't see many frog-eye headbands around.  It is perfect for girls or boys.  The piece itself is well made, with good fabric and is put together well.  The frog eyes are padded and well fastened to the band.