Galaxy Crown Headband - for Halloween, parties, costume play

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This beautiful galaxy headband is well made and eye-catching. The size is most appropriate for ladies (per the photo), although younger adults and kids can wear it.  Here is a description of the details:

The head band portion:
The band is metal well-covered with black ribbon and tipped with folded ribbon at the ends so it will be comfortable sliding on and off the head. 

The galaxy centerpiece/crown:
The galaxy crown is attached to the headband by three secure areas of black felt fabric. The back of the galaxy crown is black, felt-like fabric. The front is cut into four galaxy "windows" that reveal a stunning scene of a galaxy, with multiple colors such as blue, orange, yellow, pink, purple and various shades that seem to show the dynamic creative forces of the universe. The galaxy imagery is laminated, so it is smooth and shiny, like a laminated postcard. The design is cut very well and everything fits together snugly. 

The size of the galaxy crown is approximately 11" wide and approximately 4" tall at the center. The interior of the headband is approximately 5" but the band flexes (it is flexible and can open wider). 

It is not a very heavy piece when worn, so it is easy to wear at Halloween, costume parties, or other fun events.