Giraffe Headband

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This is a well-made giraffe headband made of cotton blend over an acrylic band.  In terms of size, it can fit any size (kids, teens and adults). On kids, it fits all sizes and is for boys or girls.  On adults, it will fit all head sizes, but can be classified as a "medium" in terms of proportion to standard head size, so it will look better on smaller to medium-sized heads.  The horns are 3" tall. The ears are 2.5" tall and 1.5" wide at their base point. From ear tip to ear tip, the entire horizontal width spans 9".  From top of horn to the very bottom of the band, the piece measures 8".

We like this headband because it is cute, fun to wear, soft (no sharp edges) and also because it is unique in the market, as we haven't seen many giraffe headbands available. (In addition, there is recent news that the giraffe is now an endangered animal and may become extinct in this century without protection.)

This is a good gift for kids to teens or for any type of costume/theater needs, such as for plays, birthday parties, zoo trips or just for fun.  It is also good for adults who love giraffes, need a giraffe costume or other fun uses. 

Each item is brand new with tag.  Price is per one headband and we offer free shipping from North Carolina.