Glitter Cat Ear Headband

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This is a very glittery cat ear headband that comes in two colors: gold or pink.  The headband base in a gold-plated alloy metal, with the two glitter cat ears (made of a bendable fabric with full glitter coverage) affixed onto the metal.  The ears are each 2" tall and 2" wide at the base.  Each ear is cut out so you can see through the center space.  The ears are made of glitter-covered fabric that stays upright but can bend. The ears are affixed to the metal base via a one-inch fabric attachment in the center bottom of each that is also glitter colored, so the rest of the base of each of the ears rises above the metal portion by a few millimeters.

The size of the headband overall is considered a medium.  (For very large-size heads, it would be considered a small. For average-size heads, it is a medium-size.) The interior of the band measures 5" at the widest point if you would like to measure with measuring tape to ensure a fit.