Glitter Metallic Cat Ear Headbands

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Purr! This cat-ear headband is made of acrylic, with small teeth for holding the headband in place. This particular version is completely covered with a metallic glitter color and comes in 4 colors: pink, dark pink, silver, and gold. 

Most cat-ear headbands do not have the little teeth to hold it in place on the head, but this one does -- a nice benefit. 

A fun piece.  Simple elegance. Each comes in its individual packaging. Price is per one (1) headband.  

Please note: The cat ear headband will fit all sizes, because it is a bit flexible, so anyone can put them on their head and wear it. However, the actual size would be an adult "small." It is well suited for kids/students/pre-teen/teen and smaller-to-medium-sized heads.