Glittery Black Swan Hair Clip

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This is a cute black swan hair clip that measures 3" in length and 2" tall. It is made of a sturdy black fabric backing but has flexibility (not plastic or wooden). The swan is the front surface decoration and contains glittery colors: gold, black, and silver. The swan's body is black. The wings are backed by yellow fabric and covered in black glitter. By the way the neck is curved, the swan looks to be sitting (perhaps upon a calm lake!), the way it is positioned. The body and tail are made of soft, black, feather material and the feather aspect is a prominent part of the overall look. 

The overall image is pleasant, fun, and glittery, with the extra feather flourish. The clip is a two-pronged metal alligator clip covered in black satin ribbon. It will hold in the hair firmly. 

Overall, a really cute, original statement clip that will be hard to find in the U.S. 
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We also offer a white swan version. 
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