Glittery Owl Hair Clip

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This is a cute owl hair clip that measures 1.25" X 1.25".  It is made of a sturdy black foam backing but has a bit of flexibility (not plastic or wooden). The owl is the front surface decoration and contains glittery pink, dark pink, and purple colors. The head and breast are light pink. The wings, nose, and body are dark pink. The tail is purple. The owl' eyes are closed, as if she is happily sleeping (so maybe the depiction is in the daytime, since owls are nocturnal!). The eyes each have three eyelashes. The overall image is pleasant, fun, and glittery. The clip is a two-pronged metal alligator clip covered for the most part in pink, gittery ribbon. It will hold in the hair firmly. 

Overall, a really cute, original clip that will be hard to find in the U.S. 
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