Gold-plated Dangle Earrings with Oval Hoops

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If you love long, golden dangle earrings with lots of hoops, then you may enjoy these gold-fashioned earrings with 9 oval hoops:  5 smaller hoops and 4 larger hoops, all hanging down from a horizontal metal base. The different hoop sizes work together to create the effect that there are interior circles hanging within the larger circles, giving the earring more dimension and complexity than just one size of hoops. The 9 hoops also ensure there is movement when you wear the earrings, as they will swing a bit when you turn your head and catch the light with their shiny surface. 

The earrings are fairly long at 2.5" long.  These are for those of you who really like dangle earrings with length.  The width is about 1".  They are very light to wear and are designed to have a lot of movement when worn. If you notice from the photo, the metal is not just blank -- it is patterned with tiny cuts that give the piece texture and enable it to catch the light and amplify the shine. 

Price is per one set of earrings. Shipping is always free.

Why we like this piece:  We like the ovals within ovals and the movement of the piece, which accents the beauty of the person wearing it. We also like the length and the reflective, shiny quality.