Jumbo Jaw Clip in Marble Leaf Pattern 5.5" - Good quality

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This is a well-made acrylic, jumbo-size jaw clip that measures 14 cm or 5.5" in length (if you are looking at the total length from end to end) and 1.5" in width (if you are looking at the jaw clip prongs from below when the piece is closed). Five inches is a good length, so you may want to check on a ruler to get a better idea of the size. This is a jumbo clip. 

This also is one of those products that actually looks more beautiful in hand or hair than it does in the photo. The design is lovely. The structure is a leaf pattern with scattered color droplets/highlights that give it an overall floral appearance. (On most of the pieces, the droplet highlights are pink, except for the rust-red version, which has cream-colored highlights.) We were impressed particularly by the sturdiness. It is very large, shiny and sturdy when you hold it in hand. As a jumbo clip, it opens wide and is capable of holding a great deal of hair. At the same time, it closes firmly enough to hold finer types of hair. The nice thing about the clip -- it is well made and the prongs are solid/strong.

Each jaw clip comes individually wrapped -- brand new with tag.  Price is per one jaw clip.  We offer free shipping.