Ladies headband with pink and purple floral arrangement - good quality

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This is a beautiful and well-made headband from a highly reputable manufacturer. The overall look is woodlands floral, with the addition of green leaves woven throughout the piece. It evokes "A Midsummer Night's Dream" feeling of fairies, magic, and warm summer nights!  

Details and measurements
The headband is suitable to fit all sizes. The band measures 5" on the inner width and 6" tall. The width is not fixed, but is flexible to fit different head sizes. The base of the headband is metal base, covered with black satin ribbon and then adorned with a brown, faux-leather braid that covers the entire surface. The ends are fully covered with black fabric, so the headband is soft to put on and take off. There is no metal band showing anywhere; it is completely covered. Small green leaves are woven through the leather braid as part of a thin, green ribbon, and those smaller leaves measure approximately 0.5" long. 

The floral segment with the pink and purple flower arrangement (and the larger leaves) measures about 4" long and 1.5" tall. It is well fixed to the headband and held securely below by a black, felt-like fabric. It is very firmly fixed on the headband and will not slide or fall off. The larger green leaves are soft to the touch, like velvet. The flowers look to be pink roses and the purple flowers have a cluster of pink stamens rising up from the center. The pink roses are two-tone, with darker coloring on the edges, almost like a mauve color. The purple flowers are solid color throughout. 

In terms of color, we think the pink roses are closer to a soft mauve-pink than a bright light pink in the photo. That is the only difference from the photo. 

Overall, a lovely and elegant floral headband.