Large Blue Statement Necklace with Butterfly

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This is a big, bold statement necklace of very good quality, brand new from the manufacturer, with tag. The design has many nice elements and we will explain each one below. 

The pendant:  large blue, faceted glass
The most prominent part of the necklace is a large, faceted blue glass pendant that catches the light.  It is a large pendant at 1.5" diameter. The entire pendant, with the rhinestone butterfly perimeter, is 1.75" in diameter.  This means it is a statement necklace.  It is meant to be seen and will hang down on your shirt or sweater to be highly visible when worn.  

Surrounding the glass is an interesting decoration of a 0.5" butterfly made of blue rhinestones that complement the blue color of the central glass.  The entire perimeter of the pendant is made of 24 small rhinestone flowers that circle the glass.  The rhinestones also catch the light and give additional shine, along with the glass pendant. There are blue rhinestones in the fastening of the pendant to the beaded portion of the necklace.

Beaded portion
The beaded portion of the necklace also is a nice quality.  Most of the beaded necklace is made of black glass beads.  There are 6 quartz/natural stone beads of a lighter off-white or natural moon color that measure approximately 0.5" in diameter.  They are larger than the black beads.  There also are two metal decorative beads that contain a flourish design. The length of the beaded necklace is approximately 30" total, if you were to measure the full length end to end. To wear it, you put the necklace on over your head -- there is no fastener or break in the necklace to open it. As worn, the necklace will fall about 15" down and hang on your chest or below your chest, depending on your body type and size.  

Overall:  This is a very nice beaded statement (or sweater) necklace with a big, bold, beautiful blue pendant.  It will make a beautiful statement and is good quality. It is like a necklace you might find at a nice department store, but they would sell it for twice as much!  This also makes a nice gift.