Metal vintage-style earrings with Sun and Venetian glass - 2-sided -1" wide

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These are good quality metal earrings with a round shape that feature a sun face on one side (back) and Venetian glass blue eye on the other (front). The diameter is 1" and when worn from the ear lobe the length is 1.5".  These are dangle earrings with the "fish-hook" style. 

About the front side:  The blue Venetian glass 

The side with the blue Venetian glass "eye" is the front of the earring and most prominent.  The sun is on the back of the earring. The glass of the "eye" is raised in a convex shape so the eye is not flat, but curves outward.  This "eye" can be seen as simply a blue decorative design (with the dark blue, turquoise and white rings) or it can be interpreted as a talisman against evil (an ancient "evil eye" symbol that protects wearers against the evil forces of others). 

About the back side:  The Sun

The sun face has carved two eyes, a nose, a mouth and cheeks with the sun rays projecting in a circle around the piece. (In our opinion, the expression on the face is pleasant and calm, more like a serene, wise sun.)  

Why we like this piece

We like this piece because it has the unique double-sided imagery.  The sun face looks calm and wise and the glass "eye" is nicely crafted and smooth.  The overall design of the earring is interesting, with the sun's rays extending outward in an even, circular display around the circumference. We also like that it is a good quality, not too light, but not too heavy -- so it is a nice, but affordable, piece. The earring wears well on the ear and is comfortable. 

Each set of earrings is individually packaged in a transparent, sealed OPP bag. 

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