Moon and space-themed drop dangle earrings

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Beautifully designed earrings featuring a moon and celestial theme with lapis-blue colors. The earrings are drop/dangle style hook. They will drop down 3".  

One half of the set features a Saturn-like planet charm within an open metal circle, and a star at the bottom. The planet charm measures approximately 0.5" in diameter, and the width of the star is approximately 0.3". 
The other half of the set features a star at the top, then a round charm near the base. The round charm measures approximately 1" in diameter and features upon it a star and the profile of a moon face against a lapis-blue background. 

This is a great design because both sides look consistent and use similar design elements, but are structured a bit differently. So, you get varying looks on each side, but the whole works together in a cohesive way as part of the space/moon theme.