Nice jumbo hair clip with stars - 6 X 6" - alligator clip - rhinestone center

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Lovely bow with rhinestone center, star pattern on mesh ribbon, and alligator clip in spring colors ranging from white to dark pink. The size is "jumbo" at 6" x 6". There is a pretty star pattern upon the mesh, which is the color of softly blended pastels such as blue, pink, and yellow. 

The alligator clip holds well and makes it easy to put the bow on and take it off. One of our five-year-old models wore it to school clipped to the back of her head and it stayed on. The piece is designed for all age ranges:  ladies, college students, teens, pre-teens, and kids. 

Why we love it. We love the cheerful spring colors and the combination of ribbon and mesh materials. Love the fanciful star pattern. We also love the rhinestone center and the alligator clip.