Osewaya Puzzle Piece Galaxy Necklace - lovely petite pendant at 0.5" tall

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This very petite 0.5" pendant necklace is imported directly from the well-regarded Osewaya company in Tokyo, Japan. It is part of their innovative and famous Galaxy series of jewelry and hair accessories, part of their overall "Olga" line. The necklace will arrive with the Olga tag. This necklace is more readily available if you are located in Japan, but not so much in other countries, so hard to find. One of the great things about Osewaya products is their attention to detail. This piece is nicely made down to detail and has an extra touch with an unexpected little gold star right at the chain clasp. The back of the pendant is a flat, smooth, gold surface. 

The pendant is very small, measuring only 0.5" tall and 0.5" wide, and is shaped like a lone puzzle piece with galaxy scenery. The chain is gold tone, delicate, and measures only 16". It is not a sweater necklace that hangs long. For smaller neck sizes, it will likely fall lower on the middle chest. For medium sizes, it will likely rest high on the chest, and will be prominently in view there. (See the photos of the medium-sized model.) For larger necks, it will be higher up, getting close to a choker style. It is definitely not a Plus size, although our plus-size models wore it close to the neck, but the puzzle pendant looked a bit small on them. The puzzle piece is very small -- the product photo makes it look huge, almost like a sweater necklace, but please know in advance that the pendant is quite petite. If you need, please get out a ruler and measure 0.5" to understand the size. We want to be sure you have the right size expectations! 

Although there are many interpretations of the puzzle piece meaning, one perspective is that the puzzle piece is part of a larger whole that is incomplete without it. Those who wear the pendant are independent yet inherently connected with a larger whole or universe, which is not fully complete without them. 

Overall, this is a brand new, beautiful, and unique piece with tags from a great company in Japan, but please know that the puzzle piece pendant is quite petite at 0.5" tall, the gold chain is delicate, and the chain length is 16" total. Nevertheless, all of the models here really liked it and were happy to wear it, because it's very cool.