Unicorn Hair Clip by Osewaya (Japan)

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What can be more fanciful than a unicorn?  This charming metal hair clip by Osewaya Co. of Japan depicts a unicorn captured in a state of movement.  The front legs are raised as if she is dancing and the tail flies freely behind her. The mane, tail, hooves horn and stars are painted in gold, the rest of the body in a solid, very light pastel-pink color -- looks almost like a pearl color with an overall pink luminescence. The paint itself is applied in a beautiful subtle swirling design you can see upon close inspection that gives even more sense of movement to the unicorn.  A small rhinestone is fixed like a diamond as the unicorn's eye.  The clasp is an alligator style hair clip. This piece is from Osewaya's famous "Olga" design line of products.The size from horn to tail is approximately 2.25 inches long and 1.5" in height (please be sure to check on a ruler, so you can see the dimensions.  (It is not a huge piece, but it is very perfectly crafted and beautiful!)  Price is per one item.