Real leather bracelet with sideways ankh- adjustable

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"The Key of the Nile" or "Key of Life" 

This Egyptian ankh bracelet is leather and adjustable for both men and women.  The front silver-color metal badge is a sideways silver-tone metal ankh.  It is not a heavy bracelet. The metal ankh portion measures 2" long and 1" wide. It comes in three color tones: black, dark brown, and caramel. (Note: In the product photo, the caramel color looks like it is orange, but it is not orange; it is caramel.) The thread on the bracelet matches the leather tone. 

The bracelet is adjustable via two extending thread pulls. To loosen, just pull the bracelet apart so the ties slide loose.  Then, to tighten, simply pull both of the thread ties like reins on a horse. If you have never owned a bracelet that adjusts by pulling the ties, then it is pretty easy to figure out and the bracelet ties work more smoothly over time as you wear the bracelet. You can adjust to whatever size you want.