Red Crystal Crown Headband

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This is a decorative ladies headband that features a black crown adorned by flowers and a deep red rhinestone jewel. The frame itself is a metal headband covered with black frilly translucent fabric, and there is a honey-comb-pattern mesh ribbon accenting the piece as an extra flourish. The tips of the headband are well sealed by black ribbon so that it slides smoothly on and off the head. 

About the Black Crown

The crown portion is made of a black felt-like material that has in the center the red rhinestone in an oval golden frame. The crown has three points, each tipped with small wine-colored fabric flowers with gold centers. The crown is attached to the headband on the side and affixed/held in one place. It measures about 4.7" wide and 2.4" tall. 

Good for Halloween or Costumes

This look is great for special costume occasions such as Halloween. It's also good for everyday use, to accentuate with a bit of flourish. 

Overall, a well-made, unique, and affordable headband that's lots of fun.