Seashell Earrings fishhook/dangle-style in amber tones - Large - 2" diameter

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Choose from 4 styles of this large, round seashell dangle earring.  The color assortment is based on amber tones.  Each color/style is labeled with a number -- see the photo and select your choice.  The fastening is a standard hook.  The colors are:

#1 Cream with light amber floral design

#2 Cream with dark amber floral design

#3 Cream with gold leaves/floral design

#4 Black and orange striking and elegant design

This is a large earring that measures 2" in diameter, so if you are comfortable wearing larger dangle earrings, these will be nice.  But if you are used to wearing smaller earrings, these may feel large.  You may want to check on a ruler to see what 2" diameter is like.  

The natural seashell material is what we like the best, as well as the floral designs and the amber tones. The earrings are substantial enough to have a bit of weight to them, because they are well-made and quality seashell, but they are not heavy on the ear. They are quite comfortable. They also are sturdy because they are made of seashell, and not easy to break. 

Each set of earrings comes individually packaged, brand new, with tag.  Price is per one set.  Ships for free from North Carolina.