Set of 2 Feather and Pearl Ear Cuffs

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This is a set of two beautiful, delicate ear cuffs that you can wear on the side of your ear (as a cuff) or on your ear lobe like an earring. Sold as one set of two, in your choice of color combination:

Color Choices: 

  • 1 Gold, 1 Gold 
  • 1 Silver, 1 Silver 
  • 1 Silver, 1 Gold

Pieces are brand new, each piece individually packaged in a small, transparent OPP bag. The style is vintage, so the metal looks like antique silver or antique gold. The weight is very light on the ear.  A plastic pearl that serves as a decorative touch above the feather.  


The total length of the piece from cuff to the bottom of the feather is 1.75".  The pearl diameter is 0.25" and the feather itself is 1" long and 0.25" wide. (To get a better idea of the size, you may want to check a ruler.)  Being under 2" long and just 0.25" wide, this piece has an overall delicate look-and-feel and is not very large, but it wears noticeably on the ear. It is lovely on the ear. Take a look at the photos of the model wearing it on her ear, included in our posting, and see if you like it.

Recommended style

You can wear two at one time for a unique style. You may choose to wear one color like an earring on the ear lobe and a different color higher up on the side of the ear as an ear cuff. (See photo of a model wearing this style.) This is why we sell them in a set of 2 ear cuffs, so you can wear them both on one ear, or wear them as a pair of earrings.