Anchors Away! - Lapel Pin/Brooch

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"It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage."
--George William Curtis


This men's lapel pin/brooch that features a nautical theme:  a ship's 8-spoke steering wheel decorated with an anchor in the center circled by two dozen clear rhinestones.  A double-layer chain is affixed from each side of the wheel and hangs down in two loops when worn. The overall look with the rhinestones is shiny.  (The photos do not fully capture the shine.) The metal is electroplated gold or silver (your choice). The diameter of the piece is 1.5" -- the piece is large enough to show up well on the lapel. The chain loop portion will hang 2" down from the ship wheel when worn. 

Why we like this piece:  Overall, this piece when worn on the lapel looks more expensive than it is. This is an affordable piece that will look nice when worn. The size is good -- it is not too small, but not too large, either.  It is large enough to make a stylish statement but not be overwhelming. We like the rhinestones, which give it extra shine. 

Each piece is brand new.  Shipping is free.  Thanks for taking a look.