Space Unicorn by Osewaya (made in Japan)

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This is a very cute ponytail holder featuring a glittery, blue unicorn decorated with the constellation Monoceros (Greek: Μονόκερως), a faint constellation on the celestial equator. The ponytail holder measures 2.5" long from tail to horn of the unicorn and 1.25" wide (at the widest point). The acrylic is thin and flat (only a few millimeters thick) so the entire piece appears translucent. 

The surface is smooth with interior glitter that gives it a sparkle.  On the surface is the pattern of the constellation with tiny stars represented in gold-plated metal and rhinestones.  The piece is part of the famous "Constellation" collection by Osewaya, a hair accessories company in Japan. This comes individually wrapped in an OPP bag with a card/Osewaya tag that shows the retail price for the piece in Japan is 1,300 JPY (Japanese yen).  

Please note:  This is not a thick piece.  As mentioned, the acrylic is thin, flat and smooth -- and one can see through it a bit to see light from the other side; it is translucent, almost like a stained glass window.  It looks absolutely huge in the main photo, but keep in mind that the entire length is 2.5" long. Try to get a more realistic idea by looking at the photo of the model wearing it in her hair.  It is very flat and smooth.  

About the constellation Monoceros

Its name is Greek for unicorn. Its definition is attributed to the 17th-century Dutch cartographer Petrus Plancius. It is bordered by Orion to the west, Gemini to the north, Canis Major to the south and Hydra to the east. Other bordering constellations include Canis Minor, Lepus and Puppis. (Source:  Wikipedia)

Why we like this piece:  As with many Osewaya pieces, this design is so unique and creative, with the unicorn leaping as if flying through space and adorned with the constellation that shares its name. A very original design that many people around the world can appreciate. 

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