Sumerian Goddess Headband

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Imagine an ancient Sumerian goddess from 3800 B.C. -- and she would probably wear a headband like this.  Crafted with a beautiful and elaborate design of turquoise, royal-blue and gold crystals, the centerpiece of the headband features four faux diamonds that have a realistic diamond appearance. On the border are rows of small turquoise, royal blue and gold stones. In the center are larger round and princess-style faux turquoise gems, with the diamond-like stones at the very middle. 

The decorative part of the headband is approximately 4" long and 1" wide.  The base of the headband is metal covered with black fabric, very lightweight and comfortable to wear.  The back side of the decorative portion is smooth, off-white felt that is tightly secured.  A wonderful, good quality headband that fits all sizes.  Price is per one (1) headband.