The Blue Teardrop - Long, sweater-length necklace

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This is a brand new necklace design with a blue teardrop eye. The overall appearance is of a beautiful blue eye releasing a single teardrop. 

There is blue faceted glass at the center of the eye, with a blue teardrop that extends and dangles down from the inner corner of the eye. The blue eye is surrounded by tiny clear rhinestones. The same type of tiny clear rhinestones cover the upper eyelid as well. There are 9 eyelashes. The metal of the entire piece -- eye and chain -- is electroplated rose gold. It is rosy, not yellow, gold tone, so looks almost pink. 

The central blue eye is approximately 0.75" in diameter. The length of the entire eye is approximately 1.5" long and one inch tall at the maximum height. The teardrop is approximately 0.5" long and 0.25" wide. The chain is long and will hang approximately 18" down as a sweater or statement necklace.

Quality:  Very good. This is department-store caliber fashion jewelry, like you might find in a good department store. 

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"Now on the peaceful moon are fixed,
Those eyes so glistening bright,
But trembling teardrops hang betwixt
And dim the blessed light."
--Anne Bronte (1820 - 1849)