The Purple Leopard barrette

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This beautiful barrette features the metallic head of a leopard on a purple felt backdrop with interesting textural fabric/mesh material on a French barrette clasp.  It is unusual for a leopard piece, because many leopard pieces in the marketplace, if you notice, feature the pattern of the leopard fur as the main design element. This is a more peaceful, beautiful perspective of the leopard -- and an unusual conversation piece for a barrette.  It has a quiet beauty.  The length of the barrette is approximately 3.5" and the height is 1".  This piece can be worn by all ages in all settings, from casual work or school settings, to even fancier occasions, or just to wear at home.  It is versatile in its use.  Brand new directly from the factory/supplier and comes wrapped in individual packaging.  Hand-made.  Price is per one (1) barrette.