The Secret Stones - Cuff Bracelet

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This multi-colored cuff bracelet has shell beads reminiscent of the world's most beautiful, sunlit breaches. The beads have a gentle luster and smooth, wearable texture. The bracelet is composed of steel, with memory wire and spacer bars. It is very easy to put on and take off, and stays in place nicely on the wrist. Because of the innovative design, it fits wrists of different sizes nicely. This is one of our favorite bracelets at Hair Asia because it is beautiful, affordable and very wearable. We focus-tested the product with young wearers, pre-teens, teenagers and adults, and this bracelet is enjoyed by all ages. Price is per one (1) bracelet.  

Size: Bracelet: about 55 mm inner diameter

Shell Beads: 8 mm long, 8 mm wide

Steel Bracelet Memory Wire: 0.6 mm

Spacer Bars: with 7 holes, about 28 mm long, 3.5 mm wide