Transparent Butterfly Jaw Clip - Medium-size

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This is a medium-sized butterfly jaw clip with rhinestones covering the entire exterior. The colors are transparent, and the rhinestones reflect the light. There are two effects going on with the light. One, the light goes through the transparent acrylic material. Two, it also reflects off the rhinestones at the same time, so there is a lot of relationship between this piece and the play of light.  

The colors are transparent.  The blue, purple and pink are the strongest colors, while the clear, brown and amber are more subtle tones. 

In terms of size, this is medium - the jaw clip measures 2.5" long and 2" wide.  There are 5 large prongs that hold the hair in place.  The piece as a whole is sturdy/solid. 

Each piece is brand new and comes individually packaged in a transparent Opp bag. Shipping is free.

Why we like this piece:  We like the butterfly shape, the transparent colors and the shiny, reflective quality of the rhinestones.  There is a lot of shine going on in this piece.  We also like that this jaw clip is fairly sturdy and not too delicate, so it can do its job to hold the hair while looking beautiful!