Triangle Dangle earrings - Aztec look - 1.75"x 1.25" wide

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These are good quality metal, vintage-style or Aztec-style earrings, each shaped like a triangle and adorned with raised reliefs of feather-like decorative symbols. In the center is a diamond-like rhinestone, surrounded by small turquoise blue and carnelian-red semiprecious stones.  The size is 1.25" wide and 1.75" long. These are dangle earrings with the "fish-hook" style. 

Why we like this piece

We like this piece because of the Aztec look, the unique triangle shape, the surface designs and the blue, red and silver color combination. This piece looks like ones you might see in a museum of Aztec antiquities. It also is good quality, not too light, but not too heavy -- so it is a nice, but affordable, piece. The earring wears well on the ear and is comfortable. 

Each set of earrings is individually packaged in a transparent, sealed OPP bag. 

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