Trio of Cat Head Rings: Black, Silver, and Gold

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Purrrr. These are three cute metal cat rings sold as a lot:  one black, one silver, and one gold. The size of the band is 3/4" diameter, or medium/small. Each ring features a cat head and each style has different colored eyes. The black cat has light green eyes made of tiny rhinestones. The silver has eyes of blue. The gold has very light pink rhinestone eyes. You can wear them individually or combine them on one finger. They are brand new, never been worn, straight from the factory/producer, and each is individually packaged. As you can see, hopefully, from the photo, the band is very thin but sturdy. The band is not plain metal -- it is of braided decorative appearance. The cat head on the band is small but detailed, measuring 0.25" tall. The ring as a whole is lightweight.

In terms of size, you can measure your finger at 3/4" diameter size. For most average adults in general, the ring would most likely fit on the pinky or ring finger (if fingers are slim). For children or teens, it would depend on their finger size, but they are more likely to be able to wear the rings on different fingers. A 14-year old model and 11-year old model both wore different rings on different fingers no problem, but the five-year-old found the ring too loose, so hope that helps you assess the size. In another example, a plus-size model was able to wear the ring on her pinky. 

We offer 30-day returns, if it doesn't fit. 

Very cute and popular. 

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