Unicorn Headband - stretchy - fits all sizes

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Who knew it would be so easy to transform into a unicorn, simply by wearing one of these fun and colorful headbands? This is the Unicorn Headband, and it is a stretchy elastic, like a "ballerina" headband. 

Here is a detailed description of all the features:

  • Size: Ok for any age or size. The headband is stretchy. From a 5-year-old to an adult, it will stretch to fit. It is meant to be worn at the very top of the forehead, so the horn is angled forward a bit, like on a unicorn. 
  • Dimensions: The horn is approximately 5" long and 1" diameter at the base where it sits upon double-layered ribbon. Before the crochet material stretches to fit the head, it measures approximately 6" long and 1.5" wide. 
  • Fabric: Shiny fabric makes up the unicorn horn. There is gold thread winding up around the horn portion to give it extra glimmer. The horn is fixed upon a base of two layers of ruffled, see-through ribbon. The stretchy portion of the headband is like a ballerina headband with a standard crocheted pattern.
  • Colors: There are 7 bright citrus colors to select. The orange and the lime are a little bit unique in that one side of their horn features a rainbow of colors. The other choices are solid colors all around the horn.
We hope to do business with you -- and that you have a lot of fun with this product. The unicorn headband is good for birthday parties, costumes, theatrical productions, or just wearing for fun. Please let us know if you have any questions!
Thank you!