Watermelon Jaw Clip with Polar Bear

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This is a smooth, acrylic jaw clip shaped like a watermelon, with small polar bears peeking over the top of both sides. The jaw clip is medium size and measures 2" on each side (2" tall and 2" wide). The surface is very smooth and well-made. There are two identical sides with the watermelon piece, which has 7 little white seeds, and slim boundary of abalone shell and green border. On the top left, a white polar bear peeks over the top of the watermelon. It is duplicated on the other side.  So, each piece consists of two identical watermelon and two little polar bears, so someone will see the same thing when looking at your hairpiece from either side. The jaw clip is metallic gold with 7 teeth, designed to hold firmly in hair. 

Really cute -- a jaw clip that one doesn't see everyday.